Universal Services and Maintenance was founded 45 years ago, in 1971, providing basic cleaning services to a few small buildings. The major driving force behind the company was its founder and major shareholder, Antoine G. Kiameh.

The client list comprising those few small buildings grew to encompass some of the biggest companies and institutions in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East. Cleaning services expanded to include waste management, pest control, care of landscaping and gardens, high rise and window/facade cleaning, porters/messengers services as well as laundry services.

45 YEARS AGO,IN 1971

Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

Industrial cleaning began to grow into a major industry in Europe in the 1960s and soon afterwards USM was one of the first companies to adopt and adapt international standards of hygiene and cleaning to provide a professional service in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

Local infrastructure:

USM brings great strength as a Lebanese company. It has an extensive experience in recruiting manpower and managing the logistics of operating several hundreds of sites with thousands of staff.

VISION& Values in Practice

Our vision is based upon our most valuable asset: our people. We place them at the very top of everything we do. We know that with great people you can provide great services. This simple vision plays a huge role in the management of our business at every level. We drive the impact of our vision by ensuring that 5 core values are permeated throughout our business:

  • Challenge the status Quo
  • Encourage uniqueness
  • All stakeholders must share in our success
  • Passion for quality
  • Teamwork
Our core values have been used to create 5 specific measurable objectives for the organization:
  • Customer and client satisfaction
  • Market leadership
  • Preferred employer
  • Operational excellence
  • Financial performance
For each objective a number of key performance indicators have been established. The KPI results allow us to look at trends and make comparisons with benchmark standards across different sites, in different countries.


USM is purely dedicated to act as the "One-stop Shop Prime Quality Service Provider" to high-end selective partners.

To achieve leadership in our chosen FM services’ markets through the constant pursuit, in association with our clients and partners, of superior levels of service delivery, efficiency and quality. The total dedication of our staff to the achievement of excellence is the major factor in our success.

The strategy of the group is to continue to grow through dedication to quality and to be a service company which consistently exceeds the expectations of its customers and staff. Therefore, it is our aim to achieve the highest standards of FM services’ delivery, taking responsibility for specific requirements and so enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the highest quality in every aspect of our business is the single most important factor in meeting and exceeding our clients' and customers' expectations.

In real terms this means our clients are guaranteed involvement and have access to comprehensive information through a range of formal tools and systems, including customer surveys, hygiene reports, quality reports and period call reports.

Our efforts are focused at site level in order to achieve consistency in all areas of customer service and to allow for the on-going improvement of our practices to satisfy our customers.

Working in quality circles

Quality, in this context, means exceeding our clients and customers expectations in everything we do for them. However, it is not good enough to only exceed present expectations. We must look ahead to our future in practice (OFIP). This requires the gathering of FM global best practices and plotting a path to future standards that will ensure our clients and customers get the very best total FM services' delivery there is.


USM expects a lot from its staff. Within the context of our quality circles, training is, by definition, reactive. Our dedicated Quality department in charge of staff training reacts to a continuous stream of information from the feedback loop, OFIP and ISO 9001-2008 Standards. Thus, the training function plays a key role in making sure that we are doing the right things right.